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Value prices but quality care

Our promise is to provide high quality clinical care and offer good value.
Listed below are some of our most popular services and their prices (including VAT). For any other prices not listed please telephone either surgery.


* Free wormer with puppy or kitten starter course

Save money with our 'Vaccinations For Life Plan'

Average lifetime saving: £400 for a cat, £250 for a dog.

To help save you money and to promote regular vaccination we have introduced a great new plan where you make a low single initial payment and we will vaccinate and perform a free heath check once annually for the rest of your pet's life.

Dog or cat annual booster vaccinations for life £85
Dog starter course and annual booster vaccinations for life £105
Cat starter course and annual booster vaccinations for life £110
Microchip with 'Vaccination For Life Plan' £10

Includes a free health check at the time of vaccination. Terms and conditons apply.

Neutering operations

There has been a small increase in price of all procedures to reflect recent improvements to the standard of care to our patients. In addition to this all routine dog castrates and rabbit spays now have intradermal stitches included as standard.

Less pain with a laparoscopic keyhole spay / female dog neutering

When your dog is having surgery you will be concerned about the level of pain experienced and the speed of recovery. When compared to a regular neutering operation laparopscopic spay surgery has been reported to be 65% less painful with a quicker recovery. At Riversmeet Veterinary Centre we only charge £275 for this advanced keyhole procedure.

See our laparoscopic spay page for more information.


To explore some of the many other services we offer see our services page.

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