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  • General and advanced surgical procedures at Riversmeet Vets

SurgeryWe offer many general and advanced surgical procedures both to our clients and to other veterinary surgeons by referral.

We have two operating theatres and a large surgical prep area at Tamworth and one operating theatre at Atherstone. The theatres at Tamworth have heated operating tables, surgical lighting and piped-in gases for anaesthesia and surgical tools.

If an operation involves general anaesthesia, we take great care to prevent problems and allow a rapid recovery with minimal side effects. All patients are monitored using a trained nurse and additional equipment such as pulse oximetry.

More critical cases are monitored using a multi-parameter monitor (EtCO2, pulse oximetry, continuous ECG, temp, blood pressure, etc). Careful monitoring of our patients under general anaesthesia ensures the highest level of safety.

The majority of our patients are discharged on the same day as the operation once they are recovered safely.

The high standard of staff knowledge and extensive facilities means that most surgical procedures can be performed within the practice.

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