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  • Digital Ultrasound

Cardiac ultrasound showing a leaking heart valve using colour dopplerWe have advanced diagnostic ultrasound equipment that allows non-invasive imaging for conditions of the bladder, uterus, kidneys, liver, stomach, bowel, heart and eyes. This can also be used for pregnancy diagnosis and assessment.

In December 2019 we upgraded our advanced digital ultrasound machine to the latest Esaote MyLab X7).

It has four different probes to suit many different applications. In addition to the standard B- and M- Modes this machine has many facilities including, high frame-rate colour doppler, power colour doppler, pulsed wave doppler, directional continuous wave doppler and continuous ECG. This machine provides superb diagnostic imaging pictures in the hands of a skilled operator.

Picture: Cardiac ultrasound showing a leaking heart valve using colour doppler.